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The IGCSE English course helps students become good at expressing themselves clearly when they talk and write. They learn to use a lot of words, get grammar, spelling, and punctuation right. Students also get to read and understand different kinds of stories and plays, like modern ones and those from Shakespeare. This course helps students learn more about how writers use English to say things and make people feel a certain way. It also encourages students to read more and think about big topics that help them know more about themselves and the world around them.



1. Understand written texts and the words/phrases in them.
2. Summarize and use information for specific contexts.
3. Analyze and evaluate facts, ideas, and opinions.
4. Recognize how writers create effects and influence readers.
5. Select relevant information for specific purposes.
6. Identify and respond to language techniques and imagery.


1. Express thoughts, feelings, and imagination.
2. Effectively organize and convey facts, ideas, and opinions.
3. Use varied vocabulary suitable for the situation.
4. Apply varied sentence structures.
5. Consider audience, purpose, and form in writing.
6. Maintain accuracy in spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Speaking and Listening

1. Describe, reflect, and express thoughts, feelings, and imagination.
2. Organize and convey facts, ideas, and opinions effectively.
3. Understand and convey complex ideas.
4. Communicate clearly, with focus and purpose.
5. Adapt communication appropriately to different contexts.
6. Engage effectively in conversations.

The IGCSE English qualification is a global equivalent of the English GCSE. While the traditional English GCSE is mostly taken within the UK, the IGCSE English can be pursued worldwide. It holds international recognition as a valuable qualification.

Comprehensive Study Materials

Our main focus is to help you truly grasp concepts, not just memorize them. Our study materials are designed to be easy to review after class while still covering all the essential knowledge you need for your IGCSE English subjects.

Well-Structured Study Plans:

We understand that each student is unique and requires personalized support. Our instructors will lead you through tailored study plans, keeping you motivated, setting clear goals, and providing deadlines to assist you in excelling in each aspect of IGCSE English. Regular practice and engagement will also help you stay disciplined and accountable.

Practice with Past Papers and Mock Exams:

Many students face challenges not only due to gaps in understanding but also because they lack skills in problem-solving, analysis, time management, and managing exam-related stress. Guided practice is crucial to enhancing these skills. Working with past papers is a widely proven method, especially when you receive expert insights and strategies.

Frequent Review and Student Assessment:

We are committed to ensuring you are well-prepared for your IGCSE English exams. Regular reviews and assessments not only help alleviate overall stress but also boost your confidence. You'll feel thoroughly prepared to confidently tackle your exams!


Every candidate is required to complete two papers: Paper 1 and either Paper 2 or Component 3. Candidates are eligible for grades ranging from A* to G. While Component 4, which evaluates speaking and listening skills, is optional, it holds a separate endorsement and its marks do not factor into the candidate's overall grade.

Paper All candidates take Time External Assessment Percentage Weightage
Paper 1 Reading

Structured and extended writing questions

Questions will be based on three reading texts

2 hrs

Yes 50% 80 marks
Paper 2 Directed Writing and Composition
Extended writing question and a composition task
2 hrs Yes 50% 80 marks

Component 3 Coursework Portfolio

Three extended writing assignments

  Internally assessed and externally moderated 50% 80 marks
Component 4
Speaking and Listening Test 
Separately endorsed Individual Talk and Conversation 10–12 mins Internally assessed and externally moderated   40 marks