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Priority deadline ends on 30 November 2022. Priority applicants get preference in their admission to the program

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Master I/GCSE subjects with expert tutoring for deep understanding.

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Tailored classes and proven strategies ensure confident exam performance.

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UniHawk's comprehensive approach includes mock exams for solid preparation.

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Elevate your future through improved exam scores and expanded opportunities.

Excel in Your I/GCSE Exams with UniHawk's Comprehensive Tuition Program

Are you a I/GCSE student seeking expert assistance to conquer your exams? Look no further! Our dedicated team of tutors, well-versed in the I/GCSE curriculum, offers personalized classes to help you master key concepts. UniHawk's interactive classes cater to diverse learning styles, fostering a deep understanding of subjects ranging from Mathematics and Sciences to Languages and Humanities.

What subjects do we cover?

The UniHawk Edge


Expert-Led Subject Mastery

UniHawk's I/GCSE Exam prep delivers expert-led guidance to master subjects effectively. Benefit from experienced tutors well-versed in the GCSE curriculum, ensuring deep understanding.


Interactive and Personalized Learning

Experience interactive classes tailored to your learning style. UniHawk ensures personalized attention for every student, enhancing subject comprehension and retention.


Proven Strategies for Exam Success

Gain access to proven strategies and techniques that boost confidence during exams. From time management to effective question tackling, UniHawk equips you for exceptional performance.


Comprehensive Preparation Approach

UniHawk's I/GCSE Exam Tutoring is more than subject learning. It includes mock exams and extensive support to simulate real exam conditions, ensuring you're well-prepared.


Results-Oriented Excellence

Elevate your academic journey with UniHawk's results-oriented approach. Navigate through subject complexities, enhance skills, and secure success in your I/GCSE exams.


Empower Your Future with UniHawk

UniHawk's I/GCSE Tuitions paves the way for a promising future. Elevate your exam scores, open doors to advanced studies, and unlock a world of opportunities.

Meet your Tutors

Words from those who used our services (And Loved it)

Ananya Gupta

Dubai | Sharjah | Abu Dhabi | UAE

Ananya Gupta expresses her heartfelt thanks to Miss Ashwini and the UniHawk team for their invaluable support throughout her college application journey. Their guidance made all the difference.

Anushka Kelshikar

Dubai | Sharjah | Abu Dhabi | UAE

Watch Anushka Kelshikar's heartfelt testimonial about her incredible journey with UniHawk. Discover how UniHawk's support and guidance made her college application process a breeze and helped her find her true calling. Don't miss out on this inspiring story!

Mohammed Yousuf Shamsi

Dubai | Sharjah | Abu Dhabi | UAE

Meet Mohammed Yousuf Shamsi, one of our incredible success stories! With our dedicated team, led by Mr. Varun and Miss Ashwini, Mohammed found his true path despite the challenges of exams and career choices. Our exceptional teachers, especially Mr. Idrees, made a lasting impact on Mohammed's educational journey. 📚✏ As he embarks on an exciting new chapter, we're proud to have played a role in his success.

Diya Nair

Dubai | Sharjah | Abu Dhabi | UAE

Hear from Diya as she extends her heartfelt gratitude to her IELTS trainer, Syed Idrees, who supported her from day one. Through personalized one-on-one sessions, Idrees shared effective strategies and crucial insights for both writing and speaking tasks. Huge Congratulations to Diya on achieving an outstanding IELTS score of band 8!

Divya Rajora

Dubai | Sharjah | Abu Dhabi | UAE

Check out this heartwarming testimonial from our student Divya Rajora! She joined UniHawk in May 2022 seeking guidance for her academic journey and with the help of our talented counsellors Miss Rashmi and Mr. Shahid, she was able to turn her passion into an achievable goal. Divya expresses her heartfelt gratitude towards the UniHawk team and without their assistance, her application process wouldn't have been as smooth. We're so proud to have played a role in Divya's academic success! Thank you, Divya, for your kind words and for trusting UniHawk with your future.

Dekshant Taneja

Dubai | Sharjah | Abu Dhabi | UAE

Dekshant Taneja has nothing but fantastic things to say about the amazing trio of Miss Rashmi, Miss Deepti, and Miss Roshan at UniHawk. These mentors went above and beyond to help Dekshant achieve his goals, and it really showed in their dedication and support towards his success! We're so proud of our incredible mentors for their dedication and hard work, and we're thrilled to see our students like Dekshant succeed! 🌟 Let's give a big round of applause to Miss Rashmi, Miss Deepti, and Miss Roshan for being such amazing mentors and teachers!

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Excel in Your GCSE Exams with UniHawk's Tutoring and Classes

Are you determined to excel in your GCSE exams? Look no further than UniHawk for top-notch GCSE Tutoring Sharjah and Classes. Our comprehensive approach prepares you for the challenges of GCSE exams, setting the stage for academic success.

Excel in Your GCSE Exams with UniHawk's Tutoring and Classes

Are you determined to excel in your GCSE exams? Look no further than UniHawk for top-notch GCSE Tutoring Sharjah and Classes. Our comprehensive approach prepares you for the challenges of GCSE exams, setting the stage for academic success.

Tailored GCSE Tutoring for Your Success

UniHawk recognizes the significance of GCSE exams in shaping your academic journey. Our expert educators provide personalized GCSE Tutoring, focusing on subject mastery, effective exam strategies, and a solid understanding of concepts. With their expertise, they guide you in mastering the GCSE curriculum and excelling in your exams.

Comprehensive GCSE Classes for Triumph

UniHawk offers dynamic GCSE classes covering a wide range of subjects, including Mathematics, Sciences, Humanities, Languages, and more. Our interactive classes promote deep comprehension and critical thinking, ensuring your preparedness for the challenges of GCSE exams. Whether you're located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Sharjah, our dedicated team is here to provide you with an enriching learning experience.

Personalized Support Tailored to Your Needs

We recognize that each student has unique learning requirements. Therefore, UniHawk offers personalized support through one-on-one sessions, small group interactions, and comprehensive study materials. Our approach empowers you to conquer complex topics and excel in your GCSE exams.

Forge Your Path to Academic Excellence

With UniHawk's GCSE Tutoring and Classes, you're not just preparing for exams – you're laying a solid foundation for your academic journey. Our experienced educators, proven strategies, and student-centric approach ensure that you are well-prepared to achieve excellence in your GCSE exams and beyond. Unleash your potential with UniHawk and set a course for a successful future.