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Program Details

Date: 28, 29, 30 Dec 2022

Time: 8am - 4pm GST

Eligibility: Grade 8-12 | Age 13-17

Final Deadline: 21 Dec '22

Fee: AED 3,750/-

Venue: GEMS New Millennium School- Al Khail

Priority deadline ends on 30 November 2022. Priority applicants get preference in their admission to the program


Learn core leadership skills & navigate your college, career and life


Create a social change project & unlock your leadership potential


Get one year of free mentorship from Harvard Trainers


Earn a completion certificate by Leadership Institute at Harvard

Unleash the leader in you!

Conducted by Harvard Mentors trained by the Leadership Institute at Harvard College, Harvard Youth Lead the Change transforms high school students like you into confident problem-solvers, collaborators, and communicators, who will solve global issues and lead the change of tomorrow. Over the 3 day course, students work in a mentor-led group to understand a global issue – whether it is climate change, mental health, or poverty – and develop a social change project to address it. On finishing the program, there is an opportunity to receive mentorship for an entire year, to implement their project.

What makes the workshop unique is that our mentors are not lecturers, but current students of Harvard University who have garnered invaluable experience and training at a young age, and know what it takes to implement social change. But perhaps more importantly, they understand the nuances and challenges of growing up in the 21st century. Hence, they break down intimidating age-based authority structures and become relatable advisors and friends to you, through a plethora of hands-on activities! The workshop is in extremely high demand and has traveled across the world to places like Japan, Myanmar, Colorado, Dubai, and Puerto Rico.

Develop a Social Change Project

Gain Leadership Skills that Lead Change

Innovative hands on curriculum

A Certificate of Accomplishment

1 Year Free Mentorship from Harvard College

Develop a Social Change Project

Learn To


Introducing Leadership

Focus on what constitutes leadership, Introduction to social change projects and change based reflections. Empathy, Self-Awareness, Trust, Discernment and Positive Attitude


The Leader in Each of Us

Look into what kind of a leader you are, map out your personality and understand smart goals. Creativity, Innovation, Design Thinking, Organisation, Conflict Resolution and Planning


Leading Alongside Others

Learn about different situational leadership styles, negotiation and problem mapping. Negotiation, Communication, Cohesion, Clarity, Adapting and Courage


Leading by Listening

Analyse various leadership videos and TED talks to understand the nuances of leadership. Community Building, Project Planning, Task Management, Team Dynamic Analysis


Leading with Your Voice

Develop your public speaking skills by deep diving into elevator pitches, debating and defending your opinions. Confidence, Presentation Skills, Task Management and Teamwork


Preparation and Introspection

Reflect with a special focus on letter writing to self, understanding narratives and working on your final social change projects. Self-Reflection, Confidence and Encouragement

Who Should Participate?

  • You are a student who wants to inculcate leadership qualities
  • You are not confident in sharing your thoughts and speaking in public
  • You want to solve a social problem but don't have problem solving skills
  • You want to learn how to build your network and thus sharpening your networking skills
  • You want to learn how to build your network and thus sharpening your networking skills
  • You are fearful and have mental blocks and are lacking the initiative to lead
  • You do not have a community of like-minded people who are going through the same issues or share the same passion

Meet your Harvard Mentors

YLC is led by Harvard undergraduate students who are leaders in their own communities. Differentiating this program are the student teachers and their youthful perspective on leadership development. Reliable and relatable, the teachers serve as advisors and friends to the students, breaking down intimidating age-based authority structures. With tremendous enthusiasm for both teaching and learning, the teaching team constantly learns from the students, adapts to their interests and needs, and builds lasting relationships that continue after the program through formal and informal mentorship opportunities.

UniHawk Harvard YLC Mentor Ayah

Ayah Al-Zubi

Class of 2023
Concentration: Sociology

Ayah has taught a sports justice course featuring professional athletes and given a Tedx Talk on diversity and youth leadership.

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UniHawk Harvard YLC Mentor Andrew de Souza

Andrew de Souza

Class of 2022
Concentration: Environmental Engineering

Andrew plays on the Rugby team, is part of a volunteer tour and service organization, and is a member of the South Asian Men’s Collective.

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UniHawk Harvard YLC Mentor Aysha Emmerson

Aysha Emmerson

Class of 2022
Concentration: Special Concentration in Resilience Studies and Social Anthropology

At Harvard, Aysha writes for The Crimson Editorial Board, works as a Peer Advising Fellow, and is a proud member of Women’s Club Soccer.

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UniHawk Harvard YLC Mentor Albie Giandomenico

Albie Giandomenico

Class of 2022
Concentration: Economics and Astrophysics

Albie is the Co-Captain of the club ice hockey team, former President of club lacrosse, and the rugby team.

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UniHawk Harvard YLC Mentor Afiya Quryshi

Afiya Quryshi

Class of 2024
Concentration: Molecular and Cellular Biology

Afiya is involved with the Harvard Science Review, MEDLife, and other service focused programs.

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UniHawk Harvard YLC Mentor Emmy


Class of 2024 Concentration: Computer Science and Neuroscience

Emmy is involved in the Undergraduate Council, the Institute of Politics CIVICS and Policy Program, the Arete Fellowship, and the Crimson.

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UniHawk Harvard YLC Mentor Ethan Kee

Ethan Kee

Class of 2023
Concentration: Psychology and History of Art and Architecture

Ethan works as a designer for The Crimson and participates on two club sports teams in addition to YLC.

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UniHawk Harvard YLC Mentor Ishaan Prasad

Ishaan Prasad

Class of 2022
Concentration: Computer Science (MBB) and Linguistics

Ishaan is a research student at Harvard Business School, a case team leader for the Harvard College Consulting Group, and a student ambassador with the Crimson Key Society.

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UniHawk Harvard YLC Mentor Jean-Luc Henraux

Jean-Luc Henraux

>Class of 2022 Concentration: Applied Math (Econ Focus)

Jean-Luc is a member of the club rugby team and of various service organizations.

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UniHawk Harvard YLC Mentor Katrina Hon

Katrina Hon

Class of 2022
Concentration: Neuroscience (MBB) and Psychology

Katrina is involved in the Harvard Undergraduate Research Association, Harvard VISION Global Health Society, and Harvard Red Cross.

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Harvard Mentor Kimani

Kimani Panthier

Class of 2024 Concentration: Government

Kimani aspires to be a public servant and someday run for a local, state, or national political office.

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Harvard Mentor Malakia

Malaika Zaidi

Class of 2024
Concentration: History of Science

Malaika is interested in pursuing a career in the medical field, as she is passionate about tackling the disparities present in the healthcare system.

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UniHawk Harvard YLC Mentor Michael

Michael Raji

Class of 2022
Concentration: Government

Michael is involved with Harvard Radcliffe Research Institute, Crimson Key Society, and Harvard Club Tennis.

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UniHawk Harvard YLC Mentor Phil


Class of 2021
Concentration: Computer Science and Neuroscience

Phill is a volunteer at a local after school program and plays on the club rugby team, for which he is a board member working as the alumni coordinator.

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UniHawk Harvard YLC Mentor Rayo

Rayo Daniel

Class of 2024
Concentration: Psychology

Rayo is the lead singer in a band called Gifted Hands, a talented group composed entirely of youth musicians.

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UniHawk Harvard YLC Mentor Ethan Johnstone

Ethan Johnstone

Class of 2023
Concentration: Government and History

Ethan is an intern at the Harvard Law Review, the Treasure of the Institute of Politics, a representative in the Undergraduate Council, a club tennis athlete, and a proud member of Crimson Key Society.

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UniHawk Harvard YLC Mentor Rohan Sheth

Rohan Sheth

Class of 2023 Concentration: Applied Math (Econ focus)

Rohan is a member of the Financial Analysts’ Club, the Men’s Club Soccer Team, the South Asian Association, and the South Asian Men’s Collective.

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Words from those Who Took the Course (And Loved it)

Harvard Youth-Veer Vohrai

Veer Vohrai

Grade 11, Dubai College

This workshop has taught me that in order to do something big in life, one need not start with a huge impact. You can start with something small and yet go on to make a big impact.

Harvard Youth Shizah Kashmir

Shizah Kashmir

Grade 12, Gems Wellington Academy, Silicon Oasis

The YLC conference is very action-provoking. It has taught me that if I’m passionate about something I must push harder and try and be an achiever even at an early age. <br><br> That way, YLC has made me feel empowered.

Raeed Zainuddin

Sun Beams High School, Class 8, Bangladesh

I have become so much more confident in presentation, doing something on the stage and I feel I can appeal to a crowd just by talking to them which I didn't feel before. I would 110% recommend everyone to this conference because you can meet so many people, so many personalities from so many places. The main reason why I would recommend it is because of the counselors, they were great.

Varun Chitturi

Oakridge International School, Hyderabad

The overall experience at the conference was phenomenal. We learned about public speaking, negotiation, and other qualities that are vital for a leader. With all that I learned here, I really think I can take my social change project forward and make a huge impact on so many people. The mentors from Harvard were amazing as well and you could talk to them like they are your best friends.

Misaki Tomiyama

Grade 8 , The British School, Delhi

After attending the YLC conference, my communication skills have improved a lot. I'm much more confident in sharing my ideas and opinions.YLC gave me a safe environment to do so.

Projects of our Change Makers

Take a sneak peak into the world of our YLC Trainees and their social change projects. All these projects have been developed in the course of 7 days of the YLC workshop.

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