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May 03, 2023

Difference Between Gre And Gmat

While GMAT is primarily used for MBA admissions, GRE is used for graduate programs of disciplines including psychology and engineering. GRE scores are also required for some PhD programs worldwide. The table below provides a thorough comparison of the tests.



GRE General

Test FEE




5 years

5 years


Round the year

Round the year

Number of Sections




3 structures in total

(i) AWA, IR, QR, VR

(ii) QR, VR, IR, AWA

(iii) VR, QR, IR AWA

Apart from AWA, the rest of the 5 sections could be in any order with a minimum of 2 QR and 2 VR and one experimental section.


There are few Experimental questions in QR and VR sections.

There is one experimental section with 20 questions.

Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA)

1 Questions (30 Minutes)

2 questions (30 minutes each)

Integrated Reasoning (IR)

12 Questions (30 Minutes)

No IR section

Quantitative Reasoning (QR)

31 Questions (62 Minutes)

20 Questions per section (30 minutes each)

Verbal Reasoning (VR)

36 Questions (65 Minutes)

20 Questions per section (30 minutes each)


187 minutes

225 minutes

Total Score

200 - 800 (with 10 point increment)

260 - 340 (with 1 point increment)


1 - 8 (with 1 point increment)

No IR section


0 - 6 (with 0.5 point increment)

0 - 6 (with 0.5 point increment)


6 - 51 (raw score)

130 - 170


6 - 51 (raw score)

130 - 170


Computer Adaptive

Section Adaptive

QR Question types

(i) Problem Solving (PS)

(ii) Data Sufficiency (DS)

(i) Problem solving with 1 answer

(ii) Problem solving with 1 or more answers

(iii) Quantitative Comparison (QC)

(iv) Numerical Entry (NE)

VR Question types

(i) Sentence Correction

(ii) Reading Comprehension

(iii) Critical Reasoning

(i) Sentence Equivalence

(ii) Reading Comprehension

(iii) Text Completion

IR Question types

(i) Table Analysis

(ii) Two Part Analysis

(iii) Graphical Interpretation

(iv) Multi source Reasoning

No IR section


(i) Issue Based

(i) Issue Based

(ii) Argument Based

by: Khartik Sunkara - Senior Quants Trainer

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