Mar 14, 2024

Foundation Year for Medicine in the UK & Europe

What is a Foundation Year Program?
Foundation Medicine courses are generally for students who don’t meet the typical entry requirements for an Undergraduate Medicine degree but still demonstrate academic potential.

Foundation Years, also known as Preparatory Programs, Pathway Programs, or Pre-medical courses, are specifically designed for High school students who wish to gain admission into their preferred degree courses in medicine.

Foundation programs help students fill academic gaps, gain new learning skills, obtain language proficiency, get habituated to university life, and be prepared mentally and academically for their undergraduate medicine programs.

Medicine foundation programs last for one year and their curriculum is degree-specific, i.e., during the Medicine foundation year, students learn subjects, such as Biology, Chemistry, Math, and English. 

Most foundation programs are run by the universities themselves or by an institution closely associated with universities.

Upon achieving satisfactory results in the course, students transfer to their desired medicine program.

What are the benefits of a Foundation Year Program?
The foundation year program helps strengthen the basics and academically prepares you for the medical program.

These programs are affordable and getting admitted to them is a bit easier than the first year of a medical program or direct entry into the medical program.

Acceptance rates at the Universities for students who complete the medicine foundation year are high.

An introduction to the study skills expected at a UK university.

Time to adjust to a new country and get used to British culture.

It is an opportunity to make new friends and practice speaking English.

Excellent levels of support from tutors to help you with each subject.

What are the Entry Requirements?

GCSEs: Grade B or 6 equivalents in Maths, English and Science.

A Levels: ABB at A2 in at least two science subjects including Chemistry.

IB: 3 HL subjects to include Chemistry at grade H6, 1 other at H6 and 1 other science at no less than H5.

IELTS UKVI Academic score of 6.5 with at least 6.0 in each component.

What are the Fees?
Fees differ from University to University. The estimated average fee for the UK Medicine Foundation year studies is £25,000 to £35,000. 

By: Shahid Shaikh, Assistant Manager Admissions

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