May 25, 2023

Improve Your Ielts Writing Score

I’ve practised all the possible topics for writing an essay in the IELTS and have followed my trainer’s instructions, yet I’m stuck with band 6 for writing!’

This statement could be shared by you or someone you may have known. Yet, what makes the knowledge about writing an essay different from improving your current writing skills? If you are unsure about the answer to this question, you are at the right place. Read on to find out the tips to improve your essay writing.

1. Where do you stand now?

Imagine you wrote an essay and have received feedback from your trainer. Now, what next? Firstly, you have to analyse your strengths and weaknesses based on the feedback. List down the things that went well versus areas within which you could improve.

2. You need words!

How come the right words come to mind when you write on a familiar topic, yet your mind draws blanks when you begin writing on a new topic? For this, you must expand your knowledge, exploring articles, books, documentaries and Netflix shows on topics like economics, art, business, crime and punishment.

3. Instructions first, please!

The first step to answering any essay question is to read the instructions, but are you doing it the right way? Begin by underlining or highlighting the important words in your question, making sure to address all of them in your essay.

4. Keep it simple

Now, your essay does not need words like ‘incomprehensibilities’ or ‘consanguineous’, making it illegible. Instead, learn how to write an essay that is readable!


The tip above is your answer to three ways to improve your score! Here’s what comes with practising essay writing: firstly, you become familiar with the question types. Next, you learn how to plan before writing, creating a process that works best for you. Now, through practice you get to time yourself, knowing how long it takes you to write with enough time left to re-read your work before clicking submit.

6. Don’t forget to rewrite!

Remember to get your practice writing checked by your trainer or anyone with a C1 or C2 English level! Now that you have your feedback in front of you, what would your next step be? Hint- It’s in tip #1. After you analyse the feedback, you have to develop a habit of re-writing your essay based on the feedback you received. This way, you notice your own errors. In addition, you learn the ability to stick to the word limit and purpose of the writing, improving your grammar and vocabulary too. Get your re-written work checked next to ensure you applied the feedback you received in the first place.

It is time to tend to the minor details which cost the higher IELTS bands. Lastly, have confidence in yourself!

By Lydia Grace, Verbal Trainer

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