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May 18, 2023

Preparing For A Test By Yourself Vs. Seeking Professional Support

Knowing how you would perform on a specific test before you sit the actual one is crucial.

Standardised tests like SAT or IELTS follow a specific structure and pattern of testing. Being familiar with this can help you score higher on such tests. Below are the top five reasons why being engaged in a test preparation atmosphere is necessary.

1.To reduce your test anxiety

Preparing for a test helps you overcome any sort of inhibition towards answering a particular question. Test prep can instil in you the confidence to face any question and feel calm throughout the exam.

2.To set the right expectations (and work on them)

Joining a test prep course can help you realise what to expect and how to go about achieving your target scores. Since you get to work on multiple mock tests, your results will help you get an expected score for a test. Based on that, you can decide which university or school you want to apply to and also improve your score if need be.

3.To get to know the short-cuts

Since the question types are different for every section, the methodologies that a candidate uses to tackle them also vary. Therefore, it is not always only the knowledge regarding the subject matter that matters, but also the strategy you use to answer a question.

4.To get support and be efficient!

This is what Forbes says about test prep classes-

“Students who spend 11 to 20 hours with a tutor or a class were able to improve their GMAT scores by 76.2 points.” Thereby, it is proven that the phrase, practice makes perfect, is true. The more practice you get with a tutor or in a classroom with other students, the more exposure you attain to these tests, resulting in an increase in your score.

5.To know your rules and be ready to face anything!

The prerequisite for preparing for a test is the knowledge of the question types, time allotted for the questions and the concepts. Therefore, choosing the right test prep course can enable you to prepare further, know the time required to spend for each section, learn the question types, and understand the rules for a question (for instance, whether you are allowed to use calculators or not).

Many students retake these tests a few times, which is a waste of their time, money, and energy. What we recommend is to take the official test once and have all your trial runs with mock tests. The right coach and prep can make a lot of difference in the score you get.

by: Lydia Grace Raju - Verbal Trainer

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SAT Prep Courses and Training Centre in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah

Looking to give your career a head start with the SAT? Choosing the right guide is crucial! UniHawk offers one of the most eminent SAT Prep classes that will be your ultimate support throughout your SAT journey. From exam preparation to Admission Consulting, our team provides comprehensive end-to-end support. Don't settle for just any training centre providing SAT classes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah; partner with UniHawk, your education partner guiding you towards a brighter future. Benefit from the expertise of American SAT Experts under our reliable guidance. UniHawk has a distinguished name, creating thousands of success stories with an unwavering commitment to excellence in education. We can make a huge difference in achieving your SAT goals.

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