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The future is here! Are you ready for it? Learn how Imagination meets Technology!

Step into the intriguing world of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence where the possibilities are limitless.

Have you ever wondered what an interaction with a robot is like? Can you train a robot to respond to individual cues? How does Al learn from its interactions with humans? What does the future hold for humans in this exciting world?

If these questions have ever occurred to you, this is the not-to-be-missed module for you. During our Robotics and Al course you will learn about this epic industry created by some of the world's best minds. And how with its upward traiectory it is ever-evolving at an exponential pace.

You will discuss how far human life should be enmeshed with automation and how people can adapt to the dynamic world of robotics and AI.

In this module our expert mentors share their specialized knowledge to discuss the ethical conundrums that Al today poses to humanity and how its infinite potential can be harnessed for human good.

Tech in 2025, and the future of Al

Process automation and human intervention

How to train a robot in real time

How robots learn from human mistakes and improve processes

Exploring the behind the scenes of ChatBots

Our mentors are experts in their fields with years of experience! Each session will take you a step beyond!

Course Outline

This program is structured in ways that map explicitly on to modern technology, and includes systems design, application development, network design and management, Al, and introduces students to a range of Al theories and techniques, including the most commonly used. This will extend to the ability to implement these techniques, and the students will extend their own development skills. In the near future robotic and other autonomous systems will be present in virtually every industry, with their global impact estimated to reach $6.5 trillion per year by 2025 (McKinsey). As new markets turn to robotics for the next step in their evolution, the need for qualified robotic engineers has never been greater. Advances in robotics technology continue to push the boundaries of what we previously thought possible. This program will give an introduction to students about the technical knowledge and proiect experience for a career as a robotics expert.

Robotics and AI Mentor

Know Your Mentor

DR SAMEER KISHORE FHEA, Senior Lecturer Computer Engineering and Informatics, Campus Programme Coordinator MSc Robotics

Dr Sameer holds a PhD from the University of Barcelona (Spain), an MSc in Computer Graphics (Vision and Imaging) from University College London (UK), and a BEngg in Computer Science Engineering from BITS Pilani University (Dubai, I-JAE).

His teaching and learning interests cover Humanoid Robots, Applications of Robotics, Human-Robot Interaction, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Real-time Computer Graphics, Telepresence, Embodiment and Body-Ownership Illusions. He has previously held the post of the Head of Medical Rehabilitation & Virtual Reality Innovation at Virtual Bodyworks (Barcelona, Spain) and was a Postdoctoral Research at the University of Barcelona (Spain).

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