So if you're a high school senior beginning to research collegiate options and fill out applications, let me offer some insight into what it's like on the other side of this process. through the guidance of UniHawk, applied to just about every single university out there


I had a very good experience working with the UniHawk team. I had heard of university choice platforms and was confused about which one to go for. Varun who guided me through the whole process of essay selection and application as well as interview practice.


Being in high school and deciding what you want to do for your future is nothing but stressful. It's even more intimidating once you start looking at all of your options. UniHawk is here to make it easy by helping you prepare for your SATs and guiding you through all of your university choices. If you're considering college, think about UniHawk first.


Coming to the UK to study Law as an international student can be a very challenging, confusing and stressful undertaking. I was fortunate enough to be counselled by UniHawk who helped me through my transition.


We are grateful to Lakshmi Jayasankar for her kind and encouraging words! Thank you for appreciating our mission of bolstering education and simplifying admission and examination processes.

Aditya Manoj

Hear from Aditya, a second-year student at the University of British Columbia. When he was in high school, he knew he wanted to study abroad in the US, UK, or Canada but had no clue about the application process. That's when he discovered UniHawk and everything changed!

Divya Rajora

Check out this heartwarming testimonial from our student Divya Rajora! She joined UniHawk in May 2022 seeking guidance for her academic journey and with the help of our talented counsellors Miss Rashmi and Mr. Shahid, she was able to turn her passion into an achievable goal.

Deekshant Aneja

Dekshant Taneja has nothing but fantastic things to say about the amazing trio of Miss Rashmi, Miss Deepti, and Miss Roshan at UniHawk. These mentors went above and beyond to help Dekshant achieve his goals, and it really showed in their dedication and support towards his success!