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Unleash your creativity and learn more about the importance of sustainable fashion and its relevance in the contemporary world.

The world of fashion is dynamic and creative and impacts economies and the environment. You will learn what is sustainable fashion and why it is becoming a buzzword in the global fashion industry. This module introduces sustainable fashion practices and sensitizes learners towards adopting conscious habits to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to healing the environment. The aim is to inculcate a responsible and mindful global mindset with an understanding of utilizing new technologies and using alternative materials.

Learners will be creating a sustainable fashion item to gain practical knowledge and understand the balance between creativity and sustainability.

Understand the importance of Sustainable Fashion

Understanding of their social responsibility as future professionals and citizens

Explore Sustainable Fabrics and Processes

Get to know the top sustainable fashion brands and their impact

Create a sustainable Fashion Item

What is fast fashion and why is it termed as bad

Our mentors are experts in their fields with years of experience! Each session will take you a step beyond!

Course Outline

Our fashion program will equip you with technical skill, support your creativity, and encourage you to develop your identity as a designer. You will cover a vast array of topics such as fashion illustration, portfolio presentation, technical drawings, garment construction and pattern cutting, corsetry, and tailoring. During this programme you will not only learn the knowledge and practical skills essential for a successful career in fashion design, but also develop self-confidence, a willingness to challenge yourself, the ability to work with others, and the skills to discover and define your own design identity. You will focus on individuality and be encouraged to question everything, and learn within a multifaceted environment in which to research, challenge, design, and create. You will develop your specialist knowledge and understanding of critical issues in contemporary fashion, related to the production, consumption and mediation of fashion as a global aspect of both culture and industry. We will cover key economic, social and theoretical concepts and explore how they influence the material, visual and consumer culture of fashion, challenging dominant historical narratives and unpicking fashion's mythologies from a global perspective.

Vaishali Raj Sharma

Know Your Mentor

VAISHALI RAJ SHARMA MA (EDUCATION) MA (GARMENT MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY) FHEA, Campus Programme Coordinator - BA Hons Fashion Design, Senior Lecturer in Fashion Design

Vaishali Sharma holds a Master's in Garment Manufacturing Technology from NIFT (New Delhi) and a Master's in Education from The London Centre of Fashion Studies (UK). She has over 25 years of experience of teaching at various eminent colleges and universities in London, including the prestigious London College of Fashion. Vaishali believes in affecting change in perceptions and concepts, and actively works toward sustainable and ethical fashion initiatives. Her research interests include sustainability, methods and disruptors to reduce fashion waste, education and design, and assessing art through rubric standardization.

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