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Public Speaking and Debating? We got you covered!

This module will help you understand the workings of delivering a persuasive speech on a public forum. With the advent of social media, preparing and delivering a persuasive argument is a necessary skill. Our expert mentors guide you through the process of building a case and writing crisp arguments. This also covers the art of rebuttal. The focus remains on using communication strategies and precise word selection to get your point across and debate skilfully.

Understand how a Moot Court works

Witness an appeal in the making

Analyze a case and witness statements

Build confidence in oral and written skills to present a case to the iury

Our mentors are experts in their fields with years of experience! Each session will take you a step beyond!

Course Outline

Mooting is a simulated legal proceeding where students are presented with a legal problem that they are required to argue before a judge. Moot problems and competitions are generally focused on a specific area of legal argument, for example, family law, dispute resolution, criminal law, commercial law, and so on. In a moot court, the process and procedures follows real life court where students will learn about appropriate courtroom decorum and how to prepare for a trial. Mooting presents an opportunity to develop legal practice skills and take part in networking opportunities with legal professionals.

Mooting enables students to:

  • Gain valuable experience and training in written and oral appellate advocacy
  • Engage with legal issues beyond the scope of the curriculum
  • Gain valuable experience and training in written and oral appellate advocacy
  • Network with professionals and the next generation of lawyers
  • Learn how to become more marketable to legal employers
Samantha Jayne Roberts - UK Law

Know Your Mentor

Samantha Jayne Roberts, LLB MA SFHEA - Senior Lecturer

Campus Programme Coordinator — Undergraduate Law and Politics Samantha is the Head of the Juris Centre of Excellence in Legal Education and Training and the Campus Programme Coordinator for undergraduate Law and Politics programmes at Middlesex University Dubai.

Samantha completed her Bachelor of Law (LLB) and Master of Arts in Medical Ethics and Law from King's College, London. Samantha also holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice from BPP University.

Passionate about teaching and learning, Samantha has also completed an MA in Higher Education and has been awarded the status of Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (I-JK).

With over twelve years of teaching experience at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, Samantha has been leading the undergraduate law and politics programmes at Middlesex University Dubai since 2018.

Samantha was awarded the Teaching and Learning Innovation award in 2018 in recognition of her dedication to improving legal education through mooting.

Samantha's learning and teaching interests include Medical Law & Ethics, Employment Law, Land Law, Clinical Pedagogy & Problem Based Learning, Mooting and Professional Skills. Her research interests include Regulation of Reproductive Technologies, Reproductive Justice and Post-Colonial Feminism, Law & Ethics at the End of Life, Medical Law & Ethics, and Legal and Clinical Pedagogy.

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